Fruit and veggie salad with watermark


Do you love mixing fruits in your salad? We definitely do.

On Saturdays, I usually make something which is quick and easy for lunch. Generally all my recipes are quick. But, this is quicker. This salad is a mix of fruits and veggies. Along with this I  prepared a pan ‘fried’ breaded chicken breast and these two were one of the best combos. To add, my husband got the best reading as well. To know more, read the ‘about me’ section on my blog.

Now, straight to the recipe:


Baby spinach- 5-6 cups

Fresh pineapple- 1 cup chopped. Add little more if needed

Pomegranate jewels- 1/3 cup. Add little more if needed

Fresh feta cheese- 3/4- 1 cup

Cucumber- 3 medium sized chopped

Extra virgin olive oil- 3-4 TbSp

Sea salt- to taste




Baby spinach




pomegranate jewels

sea salt

Olive oil (Add oil when its time to eat)



*Recipe of the breaded chicken will be my next post. Stay tuned.

Fruit and veggie salad close up 2 with watermark


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