I make varieties of pancakes for my husband so that he will not get tired of the same taste. You all might have seen my blueberry pancakes which I had posted earlier. This is another one. Before going straight to the recipe, I needed to tell that my husband got a wonderful blood sugar reading as well. So, why am I talking about my husband’s reading? To know more, please read the ‘about me’ section.

Now, let me share the recipe for this simple super delicious pancake:

For 4 pancakes

Wholemeal organic spelt flour- 1/4 cup

Organic agave- 2 Tsp

Organic rice protein- 1 TbSp

Almond meal- 2 TbSp

low-fat milk- to mix (I’m assuming 1/4 cup)

Baking powder- 1/3 Tsp

Bran oil- 1 TbSp

Organic egg- 1

Salt- to taste


Mix everything together. Make delicious pancakes. Add fresh strawberries and drizzle some agave on top. ENJOY!











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